A beast diverse from all the beasts

it had ten horns

the four beasts

this is diverse from other interpretations –

all four had something to do with the temple

  • babylon destroyed the first temple
  • greece desecrated the second
  • rome destroyed the second
  • islam is preventing the third
sebeos may have been the first to suggest islam as the fourth beast of

3 thoughts on “the four beasts

  1. Except you missed out the Medo-Persian Empire that is clearly mentioned in Daniel 11:1-2.
    There has been a lot of excitement in Christian circles about Joel Richardson’s books identifying the beast with Islam. I guess I’m old school. I think he’s gone beyond scripture. In the past historicist interpreters put too much emphasis on europe and i think they missed seeing the importance of Constantinople in prophecy. They had blinkers on. I think the same is happening today re Islam in prophecy. Not every prophecy is about Islam. There was 1000 years of history from Daniel to Moh.
    It’s about getting the right view. It’s like a puzzle. Some pieces look similar but we can’t force them in. I see kids do that with puzzles. They just put pieces together. If they don’t fit properly they don’t notice. Let’s not be children in our understanding. I’ve held puzzle pieces in my hands for decades before I saw where they fit. So I guess I’m a bit suspicious of someone who makes a fortune by having it all fit perfectly.


    1. I also see the Apocalypse as a puzzle and the pieces must fit. There are a lot of beasts to consider but only four of them clearly messed with the Temple and that is what makes a beast a beast.


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