2 thoughts on “the king of the south

  1. I think Dan 11 covers a much longer period than you are presenting here. Daniel was praying for Jerusalem and so his visions concern the powers that attacked her.
    In Daniel 11:2 we’re told this is about the Persian Empire that will stir up Greece.
    Dan 11:3 Alexander the Great
    Dan 11:4 Alexander’s kingdom was broken into 4 parts. This was only a window of about 20 years before two of them were attacked and absorbed into the Seleucid Empire.
    The king of the South was the Ptolemaic Empire.
    The glorious land was in the middle of these 2 powerful empires that were often at war.
    The detail in Dan 11:5 to 35 was fulfilled perfectly in the history of the wars and intrigues between the Ptolemies and the Antigones. If you can get hold of Halleys Bible Handbook (early edition ~1965) there is so much detail there that critics didn’t believe that Daniel wrote it.
    In Dan 11:36 to 39 there is one king. I postulate that this is the Roman Empire. The Empire was divided in 395.
    Then there was another king of the South that attacked the Roman Empire. This was the mohammedan Arab jihad of the 7th and 8th centuries. The Arabs attacked Constantinople several times but were unsuccessful.
    Then in 11th century a new king of the North arrived. The seljuk Turks. Compare maps of the Seljuk Empire with the seleucid Empire. They’re identical!
    Osman was a seljuk chief and the ottoman Empire was named after him.
    They attacked what was left of the Roman Empire like a whirlwind with chariots, horsemen and ships. The Turks entered the glorious land and took Egypt and Libya but they were never able to subjugate the Bedouins.
    News from the North East was rumors that the Armenians were seeking Russian assistance and that resulted in the Armenian genocide (v 44)
    But world war 1 brought an end to the ottoman Empire and no one helped him.
    Daniel 12 opens with a time of great trouble for Jacob. Antisemitism in the 1920s then the holocaust.

    These events dovetail with the 6th bowl of rev 16. The drying up of the Euphrates represents the shrinking ottoman Empire. The kings that arose after that Empire dried up were Syria, Jordan, Lebanon et al.
    The evil spirits that unite the world… see rev 12:15 a flood against the woman the bore Jesus – Israel. Antisemitism is what will unite the world to attack Israel.

    Anyhow… That’s my take on these prophecies and their fulfillment.


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