A city

city of constantine
– it would protect europe
in the words of gibbon
“In this inquiry I shall unfold the events that rescued our ancestors of Britain, and our neighbours of Gaul, from the civil and religious yoke of the Koran; that protected the majesty of Rome, and delayed the servitude of Constantinople; that invigorated the defence of the Christians, and scattered among their enemies the seeds of division and decay.”
– it would last a thousand years
– it would witness the end of the roman empire
– it would witness the beginning of the ottoman empire 
gibbon was talking about the first arab seige of constantinople
“Forty-six years after the flight of Mahomet from Mecca, his disciples appeared in arms under the walls of Constantinople”
their ultimate success is confirmed by the four minarets around hagia sophia
– it can be found no more at all on modern maps

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