a black horse 

A Black Sea 

A pair of balances something needed to feed the masses who use religion as one might use opium.  Marx is the rider and the horse is communism from the Black Sea.  Marx is the father of communism that considers religion to be the enemy.  This is the second great threat to Christianity and any religion for that matter.  

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a color

A Threat to the Church 

A clue.  A corresponding sea color.  Islam and Communism are the two greatest threats to the Church.  History records this.  Marx called religion the opium of the people.  Millions of christians had to die.  The churches had to go.  Come and see what Russia and China had to do.  Come and see marxism in the Church today.  


a red horse 

A Red Dragon 

A Red Sea.  A Black Sea.  A White Sea.  Colors are significant.  Numbers are significant.  Together with history they can lead us to a correct interpretation of what has been prophesied.  Try to make sense of them.  A reliable interpretation of prophecy depends on this.  Your understanding will improve.  

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pieces must fit 

A Requirement 

for a puzzle and the Apocalypse.  Not just two or three but many if not all the pieces must fit.  Not with your interpretation but with numbers and colors.  All the numbers.  1000, 666, 10, 7, 4, 3, and 2  All the colors.  white, red, and black  Only then can you be sure of what has been prophesied.  

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the Apocalypse is 

A Puzzle 
and it takes many pieces to get the big picture.  They have to fit.  Numbers and some colors are the only things that all the different bible versions agree on.  All 59 English versions.  For the most part they also agree on the words following a number or a color.  Like years, heads, horns, and horse.  All you have to do is figure out what a head, horn, or horse is.  
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what is 

A Literal Interpretation 

when different bibles use different words.  Numbers and some colors are the only words you can rely on.  Especially when it comes to prophecy.  How can you be sure a historic event fulfills what has been prophesied?  Numbers.  Numbers that fit historical events.  Almost all the bibles agree on numbers.  No interpretation required.  Use them.  


white red black pale 

A Sea Of Colors 

are like numbers requiring no interpretation.  The White, Red, and Black seas are well known.  The pale sea not so much.  These colors can identify the four horsemen.  From the Black Sea we have Communism and from the Red Sea we have Islam.  The two greatest enemies of the Church.  Death, the rider of the pale horse could be with us now.    

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the four horsemen

A Fit 

with the color of the seas.  The enemies of Christianity are Islam from the Red Sea and Communism from the Black Sea.  The rider of the white horse is not an enemy.  He has a bow which is a covenant with God.  The Mediterranean Sea is, for the Turks, the white sea.  The rider of the white horse is Constantine.  The rider of the red horse is Mohammed.  The rider of the black horse is Marx.  They fit.  

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.