a book of comfort 

A Hope For The Future 

“testimony of Jesus Christ”.  The last book of the bible.  A mystery that somehow communicates hope.  A necessary ingredient in times of tribulation.  You can overcometh.  Listen, if you have an ear, to what the Spirit said to the churches.  



a new year 

A Time To Start A New Life 

A clean room.  Clean your room.  You have control over your room.  That’s about it.  You also have control over how you treat the next person you come in contact with.  Start there.  You also have control over what you watch, listen to, and read.  Watch what goes into your mouth but more importantly what comes out of it.  


a time for silence 

A Time to Listen 

A time to speak.  A time to make a difference.  A time for accountability.  A time to ignore the reality of what is going on around us.  A time for prayer.  A time to ask for guidance.  A time for serenity.  A moderation.  A balance.  A choice.  You are what you eat.  You are what you listen to.  You are what you watch.  You are what you do.  


a prophecy 

A Revelation 

A hope for the future.  A history of what has come to pass.  Now we all have a job to do.  Listen to what it is.  In a quiet place.  Away from all the noise.  If you have an ear, you will hear what you have to do.  The Lord is your shepherd.  He will guide you.  He knows your works.  He knows you can’t bear the evil.  


a message for the times 

A Revelation 

A prophecy fulfilled.  A history connected with numbers.  Listen if you have an ear.  Do not give up.  You must overcometh.  Be not afraid of them which kill the body. Only fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  It’s good news.  You might be saved if you persevere.  Find out what the Spirit saith unto the churches.  Listen if you have an ear.  

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