a prophecy 

A Fulfillment – 

A historical event.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of a prophecy.  Based on your interpretation.  Can it be trusted?  Can your bible translation be trusted?   Can 60 different English translations of the bible be trusted?  They don’t agree on the “word of God”.  Do they agree on anything?  Maybe numbers.  

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a number 

A Color – 

A guide to interpretation.  You can trust numbers and maybe colors to be reliably translated.  Not so much with the other words.  The “words of God” are seen differently by the many different bible translators.  Who can you trust?  Historians.  What can you trust?  Maybe numbers.  Historians may have trouble with dates but they do get close enough.  

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a governor 

A High Priest – 

A candlestick and olive tree.  Two witnesses.  A search for two olive trees leads to Zechariah 4:3 and that leads to Zerubbabel a governor who is always associated with Joshua a high priest.  Church and state.  History has two Christian empires; the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. Both were defeated by the horns of the second beast. The Byzantines actually used Greek Fire coming out of the mouths of animal figures mounted on the boats to defeat the Muslim attackers.  

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a color 

A Sea – 

A location.  The color of the horses is a clue from whence they came.  Start with the Red and Black seas.  The white sea is a little tricky.  The Mediterranean and Aegean seas are also known as the white sea.  Like numbers, colors are translated accurately.  No room for interpretation.  The translators all agree on numbers and colors.  

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a white horse 

A Friend For Christianity – 

A bow in his hand, a covenant with God similar to Genesis 9:13.  The rider was Constantine, from the white sea, who made the world safe for Christians.  For the Turkish term Akdeniz (White Sea), see Mediterranean Sea.  For the part of the Mediterranean called White Sea in some South Slavic languages, see Aegean Sea.  Other riders were from the Red and Black seas.  Color matters.  

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