a first advent 

A Prophet Like No Other 

A preparation for the lamb, a word found 27 times in the Apocalypse but woe to anyone who might suggest John the Baptist was the first writer but she did anyway in her book, Revelation.  The experts didn’t accept this and Josephine Massyngbaerde Ford took a lot of heat for this even though other commentators had suggested multiple writers.  So who might be the other writers who did prophesy again?  



a special time 

A Day For Our Lord 

A necessary repentance.  In the Spirit on the Lord’s day.  A time for our Lord.  A full stop.  A time to reflect.  Meditate on what we are all about.  Meaning.  Purpose.  Am I in the right lane?  Should I stay in this lane?  Who and what am I following?  Think about that.  Listen to what God wants.  Watch for the signs.  Speak the truth.  


a prophecy 

A Connection To History 

A reliable interpretation.  Numbers and colors that all translators agree on are the only reliable confirmation of prophecy fulfilled in history.  Nothing else can be trusted and that certainly includes your interpretation which is no better than the others.  Numbers and colors found in prophecy can be found in history.  Just need to look.  


a time to read 

A Testimony 

A reason to trust what is written.  All translations agree on numbers and colors.  Not so much with other words.  The writers were inspired.  The translators not so much.  Too many different versions.  Too many different interpretations.  Who or what can you trust?  Numbers and colors are faithful and true.  Use them to connect history with prophecy.