a bow 

A Rainbow – 

A covenant between God and the earth.  The rider of the white horse had a rainbow in his hand and is from the Aegean or the Mediterranean aka the white sea.  Constantine made the world safe for Christians.  He started a Christian empire that lasted a thousand years where they reigned with Christ.  This artist got it right.  

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a color 

A Sea – 

A location.  The color of the horses is a clue from whence they came.  Start with the Red and Black seas.  The white sea is a little tricky.  The Mediterranean and Aegean seas are also known as the white sea.  Like numbers, colors are translated accurately.  No room for interpretation.  The translators all agree on numbers and colors.  

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a white horse 

A Friend For Christianity – 

A bow in his hand, a covenant with God similar to Genesis 9:13.  The rider was Constantine, from the white sea, who made the world safe for Christians.  For the Turkish term Akdeniz (White Sea), see Mediterranean Sea.  For the part of the Mediterranean called White Sea in some South Slavic languages, see Aegean Sea.  Other riders were from the Red and Black seas.  Color matters.  

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a black horse 

A Threat To Religion – 

A threat to life, marriage, and family.  The rider was Marx, the father of communism from the Black Sea.  AKA  socialism and modernism.  The Church stood in the way.  Her teachings on life, marriage, and family would inspire many to fight for liberty and justice for all.  That fight continues today.   Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.   

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a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death – 

A Pale of Settlement.  Pale is a boundary mainly for Jews and it looks like Ukraine.  They were not allowed beyond the pale.  It is now an area of death and destruction.  Anyone looking for signs can start here.  Fear is what you will find.  The opposite of faith.  Religion is being replaced with social justice but the guilt remains.  

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