a woman 

A Mystery – 

beast that was, and is not.  The beast that was had seven heads and the beast that is to come has ten horns.  History will verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only history can.  Just look for it but don’t use your interpretation.  Use numbers.  They are not misleading.  Nearly all the bible translations agree on the numbers.  Not much else.   

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a historical event 

A Fulfillment Of Prophecy – 

A number for verification.  Interpretation of numbers is not necessary.  1000 is 1000.  666 is 666.  Ten is ten.  Seven is seven.  Use these numbers to connect prophecy with history.  Only history with numbers can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  Can you trust anyone’s interpretation?  You can’t.  Trust the numbers.  And colors.  

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a history recorded 

A Reliable Source – 

A reason to believe in the bible.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers and colors can reliably connect history and prophecy.  Do all the different bibles agree on anything?  Numbers and colors.  They don’t need to be interpreted.  Unlike many other words that seem to demand it.   

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a reasonable interpretation 

A History Connected With Numbers –

A reliable confirmation of prophecy fulfilled by history connected with numbers.  There are too many bible translations with little to agree on.  Somehow they do agree on numbers and colors.  Use them to find historical events that confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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