a brother 

A Third John –

A  visit to Ephesus by John Chrysostom at the turn of the fifth century.  Jerome was finishing the Vugate which would include the Apocalypse.  At that time five of the seven dynasties of Rome had fallen.  Chrysostom replaced seven corrupt bishops and may have spent some time on the isle of Patmos.  

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a historical event 

A Fulfillment Of Prophecy – 

A number for verification.  Interpretation of numbers is not necessary.  1000 is 1000.  666 is 666.  Ten is ten.  Seven is seven.  Use these numbers to connect prophecy with history.  Only history with numbers can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  Can you trust anyone’s interpretation?  You can’t.  Trust the numbers.  And colors.  

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a history recorded 

A Reliable Source – 

A reason to believe in the bible.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers and colors can reliably connect history and prophecy.  Do all the different bibles agree on anything?  Numbers and colors.  They don’t need to be interpreted.  Unlike many other words that seem to demand it.   

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a reasonable interpretation 

A History Connected With Numbers –

A reliable confirmation of prophecy fulfilled by history connected with numbers.  There are too many bible translations with little to agree on.  Somehow they do agree on numbers and colors.  Use them to find historical events that confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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a private revelation 

A New Interpretation –

A reasonable interpretation based on history and numbers.  Real numbers that connect prophecy with history.  So why do you need to know this?  You need to know the Church Jesus built upon this rock.  You need to know the rules.  What’s okay and what’s not okay.  We don’t make the rules.  They are made for us.  

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a message for the times 

A Revelation –

A prophecy fulfilled.  A history connected with numbers.  Listen if you have an ear.  Do not give up.  You must overcometh.  Be not afraid of them which kill the body. Only fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  It’s good news.  You might be saved if you persevere.  Find out what the Spirit saith unto the churches.  Listen if you have an ear.  

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a black horse 

A Black Sea – 

A pair of balances in his hand.  Communism from the Black Sea, a great threat to religion, was started by Marx, the rider of the black horse.  Marxism is still a major threat to freedom.  It has found its way inside the Church.  Call it climate change.  Call it racism.  It is a lie.  It must be repeated.  It must block the truth.  Call that censorism.  

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