a quiet place 

A Meditation – 

A time to reflect. Life is good. Promote life. Protect life. Grin and bear it. Smile to let others know it is alright even though it is not alright. We can’t ignore the problem. If we can’t identify the problem, we can’t fix it. It’s the lie. They are lying to us but the real problem is our silence. If you see something, say something. Say it now. 



a win for abortion 

A Loss For Trump 

A party of death will pay the price and so shall we all.  Trump gave us a court that supported life and for that he deserves our appreciation.  The great divide will continue with governors for the most part controlling the vote.  We lost two states and that is not a good sign.  


a doctor 

A Health Crisis 

A sick country.  First, do no harm.  Second, stop the bleeding.  Third, vote for life.  Vote Republican, the only alternative to the Democrats.  Life is the only issue.  If you can’t get that right, what can you get right?  Protect life.  Protect the child.  Protect the family.  Protect marriage.  Your eternal life depends on it.  


a social justice 

A False Charity 

pair of balances that doesn’t include freedom.  They will promise equity but the price is too high.  You may have to get in line to get your fair share.  You may get a chance to vote but that may also be controlled.  Vote for life if you can.  Some will have to give up their life to protect freedom.  


a test for truth 

A Life In The Balance 

A vote for what is important.  The value of human life will lead you to the truth in everything you consider.  No more confusion.  The Way, The Truth, and The Life will make everything clear.  You can and must vote for life.  Let your light shine in the darkness.  Make a difference.  


a life 

A Common Value 

A starting point.  What we have here is a failure to communicate.  We all have life.  Your money or your life?  Think about that.  We should be able to agree on the significance of life.  We hold these truths to be self-evident.  Life is good.  My life, your life, and their life.  Let us protect life.  


a real tax 

A Bidenflation 

A real pain for all.  Real equity.  We all get to pay it.  The Build Back Better Bill.  It’s due now.  You can make payments at the pump and at the grocery store and when you heat your home.  Be careful what you say.  They are watching for disinformation.  They are protecting the lie but not the child.