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A Great City 

A capital of an empire that lasted a thousand years.  It has many waters, seven hills, and world trade.  It is fallen, is fallen, and can be found no more at all.  It is a mystery and likely to remain so.  It is Constantinople.  No other city fits like this great city.  You can’t go back to Constantinople.  It can be found no more at all.  

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a number 

A History 

A prophecy of what is to come.  All subject to interpretation by those who have an agenda.  Who doesn’t?  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy and only numbers can be trusted to identify those historical events that have been prophesied.  Use them along with maybe colors.  

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a color 

A Number 

A connection between history and prophecy that can be trusted.  Your interpretation?  Not so much.  Your translation?  Not so much except for numbers and colors.  Somehow they have survived what translators do to the Word of God.  Some things are sacred.  

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a study 

A Search for Truth 

A hidden prophecy to be revealed in the end.  How?  To those who watch?  Watch for what?  Something that fits with what has been prophesied.  Based on your interpretation?  Based on a certain bible translation?  Is there anything that they agree on?  Yes.  Numbers and colors.  Try connecting history and prophecy with just numbers and colors.   

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