a false charity 

A Social Justice 

seamless garment that equates abortion with climate change and racism.  Call it marxism.  The crisis in the Church is not just homosexuality and stealing.  The USCCB receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the government.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  The light of the Church is not so bright.  Just follow the money.  Just like the bishops.  



a testimony 

A Bishop 

necessary revelation.  This bishop would not stay silent.  The laity must now wonder what is going on deep inside the Church.  The other bishops will continue in their silence.  Asking questions and seeking answers is now a job for the laity.  Homosexuality and money has corrupted the leaders inside the Church.  Call it clericalism.  


a hijack 

A Look At The Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A door left open.  Who is minding the store?  They made a few changes.  The most significant change is still a secret.  The laity is in charge of the world.  Does that include the Church?  Yes. The laity “will open wider the doors of the Church”.  What happened to the narrow gate?  Let’s close the door and clean house.  We are in charge.  


a social justice 

A New Religion 

A new look for an old Church.  The bishops are leading the way.  The CCHD is helping poor people to organize.  Not to create jobs but to obtain their fair share of what is being produced.  The marxists have a great distribution system.  Get in line.  You will get what you need but only after you give up what you have.  Freedom and Truth.  


a truth 

A Thing That Doesn’t Change 

A Church built on a rock.  The people change.  The teachings can’t.  Life.  Marriage.  Family.  The gates of hell shall not prevail.  Will the laity?  We can’t rely on the bishops.  A new sheriff is in town and he is not a cleric.  Pray for us Michael.  Give us the courage to speak out.  Stand firm.  Resist change.