a mess in the making 

A Suggestion By Francis 

pope that needs help making a mess.  The job of the laity is to clean it up.  Somehow the spirit of Vatican 2 suggests this.  Marian apparitions predict this.  So what can the laity do besides pray?  Stay and defend the teachings of the Church.  The truth must be repeated as often as the lie.  



a hijack 

A Look At The Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A door left open.  Who is minding the store?  They made a few changes.  The most significant change is still a secret.  The laity is in charge of the world.  Does that include the Church?  Yes. The laity “will open wider the doors of the Church”.  What happened to the narrow gate?  Let’s close the door and clean house.  We are in charge.  


a fuzzy francis 

A Dim Light 

A way of confusion.  Clarity is lost.  The benefit of the doubt is no longer warranted.  The bishops are not filling the void.  The laity is.  They don’t even have to be Catholic.  Jordan Peterson is the bright light shining in the darkness.  Reason, logic, and uncommon sense.  We need rules.