a father matters

A Necessary Ingredient

A father starts the family and keeps it together. Growing up with a father in the home is the best chance a child has to be successful. A good mother know this and will do what is necessary to keep him in the home. The breakup of the family is the greatest threat to our children. St. Joseph pray for us.



a voting machine 

A Smart Software 

A new way to count votes.  It was good enough for Venezuela.  Good enough for Michigan and Georgia.  Some were connected to the internet during the election.  Are you getting the real news?  Who are you listening to?  The Epoch Times can show you what you have been missing.  

Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines used to rig the 2004 Venezuela elections?

Dominion Systems Were Connected to Internet During Election: Cybersecurity Expert

Dominion Voting Machines Were Updated Before Election, Georgia Official Confirms

Dominion’s Parent Company Arranges $400 Million Placement 1 Month Before Election: SEC Filing


just ask 

A Request 

that must be considered.  Help is on the way but only if you ask for it.  You have to want it.  You may think you don’t need it.  Some must hit rock bottom before they realize they cannot do it on their own.  Others never realize that they have to ask.  Don’t wait.  Do it now.  Just ask.  –

Home 9


A Crisis In The Church 
than cannot be ignored.  Clericalism?  Really?  Save the Church.  To hell with the people.  What about the Truth?  Save the Truth.  The laity must save the Truth.  The bishops are too busy dealing with clericalism.  What could that be?



A False Idol 

we worship on Christmas.  Our homes are filled with new stuff.  Wrapping paper and boxes will fill garbage trucks.  To make room some of the old stuff will be moved to the attic if there is room there.  Merry Christmas.  Hope you are not offended.  


your church and abortion

A Money Trail  

from the church collection to funding abortion.  A portion of your church donation goes to the bishops who fund the Catholic Campaign for Human Development aka CCHD which gives grants to various political action groups that in turn support the Democratic Party which supports abortion.  This started over 50 years ago and totals nearly 300 million dollars. Try to find out where your money is going.  


China trade

A Double Orange Daylily 

“This is no ordinary Orange ditch Lily, this is a DOUBLE Orange daylily, it has a flower within a flower.”  From Amazon.  NOT from Shanghai, China!  Fast forward.  I am watching CSPAN early in the morning and they are investigating Huawei and the question is “has Huawei corrupted any of its users”?  The answer is “not to my knowlege but I do know they can redirect inquiries”.   Whoa!  My double orange daylilies were ordered on a Huawei device!   Redirect Notice I was still excited.  I may get an exotic daylily from China for only $30.  The “ordinary Orange ditch Lily” is now in bloom.  Yes, we got our money back.  Yes, we had to send a picture.  Yes, they wanted us to pay half for a single!