a year 666 

A Calendar 

A date, a mark, a beginning.  A common year 44 BC.  The Julian calendar preceded the Gregorian calendar which didn’t start until 1582.  The Islamic calendar started in 622 CE and that would be 666 of the Julian calendar which was in effect at that time.  The Hegira marks the beginning of Islam.  

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a date 

A Voter ID 

A valid signature.  A mail in ballot.  We are already being warned about the time it will take to count all the votes.  They will insist on counting them all.  Even the ones that are not dated, not signed, or verified with a voter ID.  They will all come from high population precincts.  


a number 

A Color 

A guide to interpretation.  You can trust numbers and maybe colors to be reliably translated.  Not so much with the other words.  The “words of God” are seen differently by the many different translators.  Who can you trust?  Historians.  What can you trust?  Maybe numbers.  Historians have trouble with dates but they do get close enough.  

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