a social injustice 

A Marxist Strategy 

A religion replacement.  The “opium of the masses” is preventing world wide communism promoted by Marx.  Russia and China proved that.  And that is why the Church had to be infiltrated by them.  The “spirit of Vatican 2” was all they needed.   A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  



a managed truth 

A Truth You Can Handle 

A shepherd for dumb sheep.  They are smarter than you but don’t worry they care and know what is best for you.  They will protect you from what you don’t understand and tell you what you need to do.  The last thing you need to do is cling to your bible and gun.  


a mercy 

A Forgiveness 

A cover for what is sinister.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  They talk about climate change, immigration, racism, and same sex unions.  They clothe it with mercy and forgiveness for those who have failed us.  Life, marriage, and family are being ignored as if no longer sacred.  You will know them by their fruits.  


a mask 

A Missing Identity 

A fraudulent deception.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  You will know them by their fruit.  Their mask is climate change but their fruit is abortion.  They talk about racism but not about baby killing.  They talk about their Church but ignore her teachings.  They clothe themselves with equality but support the baby killers. You can’t trust a masked man or woman.