a prophecy 

A Revelation 

A testimony of Jesus Christ.  Blessed is he that readeth.  Augustine read it.  “Why then read it if only to keep silence about it?”  Understanding it is a challenge.  You may not have time for this.  You may not have that much time.  It’s later than you think.  You may need help understanding it.  Ask for it.  

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a will 

A Test 

A purpose for what we are experiencing.  What will we do with our will?  It must be free but not without consequences.  Suffering is a necessary ingredient.  How will you react to it?  You will need help and you will get it if you ask for it.  Can you believe that?  You have to believe.   

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a love of truth 

A Reason to Live 

A meaning for life.  A test of wills.  Don’t bury your talent.  Learn what you can.  Teach what you can.  You will need help.  Ask for it.  Seek the truth.  You will find it.  Knock and it will be open unto you.  The Truth will not only set you free, It will make you happy.  It will help you pass the final test.  We are being tested. You may not find that word in your bible.   

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the test of time 

A Reliable Test 

that is hard to beat.  It is why we are here.  The purpose of life.  The meaning of life.  It’s a test.  Suffering is a necessary part of it.  What will you do about suffering?  What will you do when you are suffering?  You will need help.  Just ask for it.  You have to want it.  You will get it.  

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