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A Date for the Apocalypse 

A bishop, John Chrysostom, is the writer according to the astronomer Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov who sets the date as 395.  At this time five of the seven dynasties of Rome had fallen.  Chrysostom was in Ephesus at the end of the fourth century.  Would he not look for evidence of the most famous book of the bible?   

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A Bare Record 

in the first chapter of the Apocalypse.  The name John is mentioned two times in the third person and once in the first person.  John the Apostle knew “who bare record” and the seven churches.  John the Baptist knew the Lamb and the seven spirits but not the churches or Jesus.  John Chrysostom on the isle of Patmos at the beginning of the fifth century knew all of this including Jerome’s Latin translation of the bible.  Nicolaus Morosow based on astronomy pointed to Chrysostom as the writer of the Apocalypse.  All these dots can be connected in a reasonable way.   


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A Date 

link Chrysostom to the Apocalypse.  The astronomer is Morozow.  The date is 395.  Gibbon taught me not to trust dates.  Baur taught me that it was January 401 when Chrysostom arrived in  Ephesus to replace seven bishops.  It would take three months.  Charles taught me about Morozow.  I had already suspected Chrysostom.  He was the only notable John around when five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come.  They being the seven dynasties of the Roman Empire.   
Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.