a prophecy again 

A Second John Who Ate The Book 

A reasonable explanation for the three Johns of the Apocalypse.  John the Baptist is the first who bare record.  John the Apostle is the second to the seven churches.  John Chrysostom is the third who was in Ephesus just before Jerome defined the bible that would become the official bible of the Church.  



he ate 

A Book 

and was told to prophesy again.  Why would John eat a little book?  To get it into the bible.  It is in the bible because certain key players believed it was written by the Apostle.  So who wrote the little book that John ate?  The Baptist.  He was preparing the way for the Lamb.  

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the Apocalypse 

A Little Book 

that John ate and was told to prophesy again.  These passages alone strongly suggest there were at least two versions of the Apocalypse. There are other reasons to believe this.  You just have to look for them.  It will improve your understanding as to why and when it was written along with who it was written by. Many didn’t think it belonged in the bible but somehow it made it.  

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