a commentary 

A City of God 

A new bible translated by Jerome precedes Augustine’s commentary on the Apocalypse in The City of God.  Prior to the Vulgate many believed the Apocalypse did not belong in the bible.  This was settled once and for all by Jerome who had the authority to define the bible.   

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a private revelation 

A Need To Understand 

A confession by Augustine.  “What then, Brothers, shall we keep silence? Why then read it if only to keep silence about it? Or why hear it if it is not to be explained? But also, why explain it if it is not to be understood?”  Read, write, and share so others might understand.  Silence is not an option.  


a bible defined

A Man Named Jerome 

A new translation.  The Vulgate would become the official bible of the Church and it would include the Apocalypse.  At the beginning of the fifth century Jerome was finishing his bible and John Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven bishops.  Augustine didn’t want another bible.  He had words with Jerome.  An interesting time.