a critical election 

A Threat To Democracy

A harvested ballot.  They need drop boxes to store them.  Lots of them.  They don’t know exactly how many they will need.  They do know they will need extra time to find them and count them.  They are not secure.  That requires a date, a signature, and a voter ID.  



a date 

A Voter ID 

A valid signature.  A mail in ballot.  We are already being warned about the time it will take to count all the votes.  They will insist on counting them all.  Even the ones that are not dated, not signed, or verified with a voter ID.  They will all come from high population precincts.  


a chance to cheat 

A Mail In Ballot 

A threat to democracy.  Call it a Jim Crow law if you must but you do need an ID to vote.  And you don’t need all these drop boxes to store extra ballots just in case your candidate is behind.  You can always use a post office trailer like 10R1440.  It’s still missing.  The FBI couldn’t find it.  They did find Jessie’s family.  


a confession 

A Vote For Others 

A mail in ballot.  “I was taking a smokeless break and asked this lady who she voted for.  She didn’t know and explained that her husband votes for her via absentee ballot.  I signed my wife and two college aged kids up and voted four times in the next election.  I’m sure the FBI will investigate.  We are white.”  


a time to count 

A Bulk Of Harvested Ballots 

A delayed result.  A challenge.  They will need more time to count all the votes.  We have seen this movie.  We are looking at the future of all elections.  Way too many ballots to count.  Ballots that show up in the middle of the night.  Unsecured ballots that must be counted again and again.  


a misleading poll 

A Ballot Harvesting Factor 

A prophecy in Virginia that does not require a prophet.  An easy win for McAuliffe in Virginia in spite of polls.  It is all about ballot harvesting which polls can’t read.  Republicans cannot ignore ballot harvesting which will also be a huge factor in the coming congressional elections.  Deal with it.  It is real.  Watch for Zuck bucks.  Facebook run amok.