a deal for oil 

A Russian War In Ukraine 

A move to replace the oil we are getting from Russia.  Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia are being considered but not Texas or Canada.  Biden is even working with Russia on the deal with Iran. Many question this but they don’t understand foreign policy like Biden does.  Very few people do.  


a believable threat 

A Position Clearly Understood 

A threat from Putin on nuclear war is believable.  A promise from Biden that our troops will not fight in Ukraine and there will not be any no fly zone is repeated way too many times.  Putin does not have to worry about that.  We have to worry about what Putin does.  How is that working for you?  


a promised unity 

A War On Climate Change and Racism 

A liar in charge.  He promised to unify us.  Most are already against him.  He continues to buy oil from Russia.  Even Pelosi is against that.  We get to watch Russia’s war on Ukraine while he destroys our country.  Compared to Putin, he looks good.  War is hell.  So is talk about climate change and racism.  


a loss of freedom 

A Communist Requirement 

A war funded by oil.  We are still buying oil from Russia.  How do you feel about that?  Please let someone know.  The people of Ukraine are willing to die for freedom.  Biden is not willing to say no to Russian oil.  This is a national disgrace.  Silence is not an option.  If you see something, say something.  


a nuclear war 

A Threat By Russia 

A creation of Biden.  We are buying oil from Russia.  Putin miscalculated what Biden would do and what Ukraine would do.  We know what Biden will do.  He will continue his war on racism and climate change.  What will you do?  Will you stand up and say something?  Do you even know what to say?  


a national disgrace 

A War In Ukraine 

A Biden creation.  We are still buying oil from Russia.  We are helping Russia bomb Ukraine.  It is that simple.  Biden offered to evacuate Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine.  Biden knows how to do that.  Zelensky declined.  He will stay with his people to defend his country from Russia.  


a climate change war 

A Nightmare in Ukraine 

A war for the citizens of Ukraine.  They are not worried about racism or climate change.  War is hell.  We get to watch it while Biden continues his war on climate change and racism.  We are still buying oil from Russia.  That helps pay for the bombs now falling on Ukraine.  Think about that the next time you fuel up.  


a freedom fighter 

A Trucker In Canada 

A citizen of Ukraine.  They are not worried about climate change or racism.  Are you worried about the price at the pump?  Buy more oil from Russia Biden.  They need more money to attack their neighbor.  Biden knows what is important.  His people tell him and won’t let him take any more questions.  


a positive post 

A Light Shining In The Darkness 

A progress with racism and climate change.  You won’t see FOX  reporting this but the Biden administration has significantly addressed their top priorities.  There has been a reduction in white supremacy and temperatures across the nation have been reduced.  All the other issues are attempts to distract you from the good news.