a balance 

A Moderation 

A render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.  Quote by Oscar Wilde: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  Man shall not live by bread alone.  Politics and religion.  Neither can be ignored.  Moderation with politics is necessary.  Moderation with religion is not sufficient.  Saying “Lord, Lord” is not sufficient.  



a baker’s cake 

A Bishop’s Bread of Life 

A cake for a same sex marriage.  A blessing for a same sex marriage.  An issue for the courts and the Church.  A baker can’t approve but a bishop can.  A baker unknowingly sells bread to a baby killer.  The bishop knowingly gives the Bread of Life to a baby killer.  


a bread line 

A Distribution Problem 

A capitalist solution is to increase profits by making more bread.  A marxist solution is to increase power by controlling who gets what.  A baker’s solution is a gun to protect his bread.    A christian solution is to pray and share.  Good luck with that.