a witness 

A Candlestick 

A church and a state represented by the olive tree. The Apocalypse and Zechariah are connected by “two olive trees”.  This leads to Zerubbabel, the state, and that leads to Joshua, the church, and together they built the second temple.  The Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire are the two witnesses of the Apocalypse.  

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a work of satan 

A Silence 

A witness will speak out.  Like a lit candlestick in the darkness.  The lie can’t handle the truth.  The crusade to restore the Church starts with you.  What that looks like depends on you.  If you have an ear, listen to those who are already speaking out and watch what they do.  


a governor 

A High Priest 

A candlestick and olive tree.  Two witnesses.  A search for two olive trees leads to Zechariah 4:3 and that leads to Zerubbabel a governor who is always associated with Joshua a high priest.  Church and state.  History has two Christian empires; the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. Both were defeated by the horns of the second beast. The Byzantines actually used Greek Fire coming out of the mouths of animal figures mounted on the boats to defeat the Muslim attackers.  

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