a real choice 

A Vote For More and Less 

A chance for change.  You have a choice.  Life or Death.  Life is good.  Which side of the border do you want to be on?  Our side looks better and they are voting with their feet.  How bad does it have to get to get you to vote for change?  Elections have consequences.  C’mon man.  



a little boy 

Man Up

A military man.  Defend us this day.  Clean up your act.  Start with your room.  Start with your head.  Show up.  You get 80% for just being there.  You may not know what to do or say.  Just being where you should be is a good start.  You are what you eat.  What you watch and listen to.  Choose well.  C’mon man.  


a judge not 

A Choice To Be Made 

A judgement will come.  You will be judged.  Your choices, your works, will be judged.  Your world is divided.  You can’t ignore that.  You can run but you can’t hide.  You can’t avoid the judgement.  You can’t avoid the choices to be made.  You are a judge and you will be judged.  


a tree of life 

A Book Of Life 

“water of life”.  Life is good.  We are not here to save the world.  The world is here so we might be saved.  We can’t let others set our priorities.  If it’s not life, what is it?  It’s an easy choice.  Life or chaos.  Freedom is not chaos.  Freedom is making choices based on values.  Life like truth must be tested.  It’s not a choice.  


a time for silence 

A Time to Listen 

A time to speak.  A time to make a difference.  A time for accountability.  A time to ignore the reality of what is going on around us.  A time for prayer.  A time to ask for guidance.  A time for serenity.  A moderation.  A balance.  A choice.  You are what you eat.  You are what you listen to.  You are what you watch.  You are what you do.  


a job one 

A Clean Room 

A place to start.  Now you can work on electing a good congressman.  The Republican primary is where you get a choice.  After that there is no choice.  You must vote for the winner of the Republican primary in November.  The only choice the Democrats give you is killing your baby.  


a good thing 

A Public School Affect 

A conservative in the making.  More time with parents and less time at the public school might result in more conservative students.  The liberal teacher effect cannot be denied.  It takes a village only because the family is being destroyed along with marriage and life.  


a lit candle 

A Darkness Cursed 

A choice we make.  A consequence is attached to each.  Cannot separate them.  An improvement however small is still an improvement.  Our freedom as well as our choices are limited.  Only you can prevent climate change.  By limiting life.  Your choice.  Your freedom.