a patriarch 

Christian Empire – 

A bishop extraordinaire was in Ephesus to replace seven corrupt bishops at the beginning of the fifth century.  John Chrysostom, who never quoted the Apocalypse, could not ignore what John the Apostle may have left there.  At that time Jerome could have been looking for a reliable copy of the Apocalypse.  He was finishing the Vulgate.  

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a third revelation 

A Brother on Patmos –

A third John who was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing his Vulgate that included the Apocalypse.  At the time it was not clear if it would be.  Jerome had to be convinced that it was written by the Apostle.  John Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven bishops at the beginning of the fifth century.  

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a patriarch exiled 

A Commentary By Augustine 

A bible that includes the Apocalypse Augustine comments on the Apocalypse after Jerome includes it in the Vulgate while Chrysostom was in Ephesus before he was exiled from Constantinople.  Three major players in the early Church.  Chrysostom, the greatest of them all, could not protect himself from the corruption in the Church.  Jerome and Augustine somehow survived like their works.  


a bible defined 

A Turn Of The Fifth Century 

A major player.  Jerome was finishing his Vulgate and Augustine was starting his City of God.  Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven corrupt bishops.  The Church was in good hands.  Jerome and Augustine exchanged letters.  Chrysostom, who was exiled, exchanged letters with the pope.  The Apocalypse was in the bible.  These dots can now be connected.