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A City of God – 

A new bible translated by Jerome precedes Augustine’s commentary on the Apocalypse in The City of God.  Prior to the Vulgate many believed the Apocalypse did not belong in the bible.  This was settled once and for all by Jerome who had the authority to define the bible.  We still wonder about who wrote it and when.  

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A Turn Of The Fifth Century 

A major player.  Jerome was finishing his Vulgate and Augustine was starting his City of God.  Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven corrupt bishops.  The Church was in good hands.  Jerome and Augustine exchanged letters.  Chrysostom, who was exiled, exchanged letters with the pope.  The Apocalypse was in the bible.  These dots can now be connected.  



A Book 

City of God includes his analysis of the Apocalypse well after Jerome’s Vulgate.  Did Augustine wait for it?  They did have some issues.  Jerome also had some issues with Victorinus but may not have realized that Victorinus may have been looking at another version, the first version written by John the Baptist which did not include the seven churches.  In his commentary Victorinus called them the seven spirits.  

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.