a critical vote 

A Fundamental Principle 

A vote for life.  The only thing we have in common.  “To each according to their needs” requires a “pair of balances” but not “the opium of the people” which gives meaning to life.  Protect religion.  Protect freedom.  Protect the child.  Vote for life.  



a new normal 

A Community Replaces The Family 

A woman replaces the father.  The teacher replaces the parent.  It takes a village to replace the father.  Communism replaces capitalism.  Big government replaces freedom.  Social justice replaces religion.  Fear replaces Faith.  The criminal becomes the victim.  The Lie replaces the Truth.  Big Brother makes it all better.  


a black horse 

A Threat To Religion 

A threat to life, marriage, and family.  The rider was Marx, the father of communism, socialism, and modernism.  The Church stood in the way.  Her teachings on life, marriage, and family would inspire many to fight for liberty and justice for all.  That fight continues today.   Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.   

Home 18

a father 

A Necessary Ingredient 

A family without a father is a social injustice but ignored by the mainstream media.  Marx is the father of communism that is designed to replace the family so they aren’t worried about the lack of a father in the home.  We need to be worried about communism in the world.