a second death 

A Life Eternal 

A consequence of the choices we make.  Beware of the second death.  Fear only God who can destroy the soul.  He knows your works.  You are what you do.  Talk is cheap.  Walk the talk and avoid the second death.  You can live forever with God.  Just readeth, watcheth, keepeth and overcometh.  

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a real choice 

A Vote For More and Less 

A chance for change.  You have a choice.  Life or Death.  Life is good.  Which side of the border do you want to be on?  Our side looks better and they are voting with their feet.  How bad does it have to get to get you to vote for change?  Elections have consequences.  C’mon man.  


a desperate act 

A Search For A Crime 

A distraction?  What can you do?  Stop and listen.  Elections have consequences.  You can’t vote now but you can support your candidate now.  The one you trust.  You can’t trust anyone who doesn’t support life.  If you are looking for a crime, look for those who are stealing your freedom.  


a consequence not intended 

A Belief That Something Must Be Done Now 

A forced social justice based on equality.  They care.  You can’t deny it.  You can’t question their intentions or their methods because something must be done now.  We can’t leave it the way it is even though the cure may be worse.  We don’t have time to consider the possible consequences of our actions.  Something must be done now.  


a will 

A Test 

A purpose for what we are experiencing.  What will we do with our will?  It must be free but not without consequences.  Suffering is a necessary ingredient.  How will you react to it?  You will need help and you will get it if you ask for it.  Can you believe that?  You have to believe.  

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