a good thing 

A Public School Affect 

A conservative in the making.  More time with parents and less time at the public school might result in more conservative students.  The liberal teacher effect cannot be denied.  It takes a village only because the family is being destroyed along with marriage and life.  



a virus 

A Christmas Pest 

A carol off tune.  Drive thru, pickup, and delivery are all doing well thank you,  Is this the reset?  The new world order?  No.  Just greedy capitalists taking advantage of a bad situation.  They are quick to react.  The reset will take more time.  Government bureaucracy is slow in deciding whom to shut down.   


we are all going to die 

A Fact 

you cannot deny.  Do not fear that which can kill the body.  Fear only God who can kill the soul if you do not pass the test.  You are being tested.  Not for coronavirus but to see if you can get along.  You will be destroyed if you can’t.  Be not afraid.  Be careful.  Be kind.  Be reasonable.  


Fr. Mark Goring 

A Saint 

in the making.  Chastisement is a good example of his daily videos.  Subscribe to Father Mark Goring to get his daily inspirational videos.  He doesn’t need your money and doesn’t ask for it.  He had been shut down for speaking out about the sex scandal.  They can’t shut him down without so many protesting.  This is worth your time.