a win for abortion 

A Loss For Trump 

A party of death will pay the price and so shall we all.  Trump gave us a court that supported life and for that he deserves our appreciation.  The great divide will continue with governors for the most part controlling the vote.  We lost two states and that is not a good sign.  



a reason to live 

A Catholic Court 

A defense of life.  A Catholic on the court is no accident.  Faith is reasonable.  In fact without faith there is no reason.  Without reason you can’t argue.  If you can’t argue, you must restrict the speech of those who can.  Somehow universities became a safe place for those who can’t argue.  Even the Catholic ones.  


a court ruling 

A Fine Point 

A chief justice takes exception.  A fine distinction.  What could be more important than religious freedom?  Ask the chief justice.  Not life.  Not marriage.  Not the family.  There are no “alleged actual damages”.  In other words religious freedom has not suffered any damages.  Do you believe that?  Really?  Is he really in charge?  


a critical election 

A Deep Division 

a change in direction is possible.  Religious freedom is on the ballot.  Will the Church guide the state?  Will the state restrict the Church?  Will the Supreme Court continue to replace the congress?  Do you really want the court to decide what kind of cake a baker should make?  

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a supreme court 

A Lot of Catholics 

a reason for this.  Why are there so many Catholics on the Supreme Court?  We can only speculate.  Try Catholic education.  Try rigorous thinking.  It is not just an attempt to get someone opposed to abortion.  We know that doesn’t work.  It wasn’t just diagramming sentences.  It was a sense of purpose, the use of reason, and an understanding of logic.  These words have meaning and the Church is preserving that meaning. 


a time for Amy 

A Catholic Judge 

a dogma worth saving.  Life, marriage, and family.  A goal worth fighting for.  It is not too late for reason and logic to rule the day.  The state, the swamp will fight for this hill.  They are willing to die on this hill.  Are we?  Freedom is on this hill.  Freedom of speech.  Religious freedom.  Fight for Truth.  It will set you free.  It will make you happy.  


a real issue 

A Supreme Court Judge 

a protection of women who are supposed to protect the child.  Who needs a man for protection when you have the state?  You don’t have to cook for the state.  With the state you are free.  Free to work.  Free to stay home with the kids.  Free to change your gender.  The state will take care of your kid’s gender.  Everyone will be taken care of.