a threat to freedom 

A Pair Of Balances

A long bread line.  The price is freedom.  They are selling equity and social justice.  Scaring you with climate change and covid.  Shaming you with racism.  Get in line.  You will get your fair share.  Just stop clinging to your bible and gun.  The opium of the people is being replaced with the fentanyl of the homeless. Equity isn’t free.  



a plague 

A Rider Named Death 

A sign of the times.  The fourth horseman.  Some bible translations use the word “plague”.  Sounds like covid.  They all have the word “death”.  Power was given to kill by the sword, famine, and the plague.  We are told to “watch” and keep our garments.  The signs are there and we need to pay attention to them.  


a fear of death 

A Test Of Faith 

A reason to believe.  Liberty or death.  That is the question.  Life without liberty is not a good deal but comfort is all important except for those who believe there is something better waiting for them.  We are being tested.  The opium of the masses is promising but many have found an idol and will give up their freedom for it.  


a managed information 

A Controlled Communication 

A manipulation of the masses with fear.  A mandate for those who don’t comply.  It works in communist countries.  Fear and restricting speech also work in Islamic countries.  Lucky for us it does not work here.  Right?  It does not work here.  We will fight for liberty.  Right?  


a fear of covid 

A Faith For The Masses 

A mandate for those with courage.  The opposite of fear is faith.  Both are powerful motivators.  This is why Marx had a problem with religion.  This is why fear and restriction of speech are being used to manipulate the masses.  Be not afraid.  Believe and speak the truth.  


a thought control 

A Common Agenda 

A morning memo tells you what to say about climate change, covid, and racism.  These are the issues and there is only one acceptable position.  There is no room for contrary views even though they might lead us to the truth.  What is truth?  It must be controlled.  


a bad news biden 

A Lack Of Discernment 

A first principle.  Life.  What do you expect from someone who supports the killing of babies?  A concern for climate change?  What do you expect from our bishops?  A defense of Life.  So what worries the voter?  The cost of living.  Let them eat cake.  Don’t forget your shots.  You should be worried about dying.  


a fear of covid 

A Chance To Increase Control 

A truth lost.  It is not just freedom lost.  Truth is the real victim.  Only you can save the Truth by standing up and speaking every chance you get.  You might be accused of being a domestic terrorist.  Thank you Garland.  Thank you McConnell for keeping him off the supreme court and putting Amy Coney Barrett on.  


a domestic terrorist 

A Resistance to Government Control 

A vicious attack on anyone who resists.  If you are opposed to mandates or excessive spending, be prepared to encounter the big bully.  Climate change and racism are the real issues.  If you don’t agree, they will come after you.  Get with the program to show that you really care.