a denier 

A Final Warning 

A blame game.  Who can you trust?  Can you imagine how bad it would be if the Republicans were in charge?  Talk about social security, medicare, democracy etc. but don’t talk about crime, inflation, fentanyl, border, or the FBI that is targeting pro life activists.  Vote for life.  



a real scare 

A Build Back Better 

A vote for more.  More inflation.  More crime.  More critical race theory.  More transgenderism.  More abortions.  More lies.  Less free speech.  Less religion.  Less freedom.  Less energy.  Less accountability.  Is that better?  Better get ready to vote.  Better get ready for more and less.  C’mon man.  


a vote for life 

A Republican Vote 

A party that supports abortion is not trustworthy.  Life is sacred.  If life is not your priority,  you will probably be on the wrong side of crime, racism, and climate change.  Social justice starts with life, marriage, and family.  Protect the child.  You can’t trust the schools, the village, the state, and the FBI.  


a distraction 

A Focus On Abortion 

A confusion with issues.  Don’t let crime, inflation, or even climate change change your view on what is important.  The FBI is not distracted and will continue to focus on the threat of pro life domestic terrorists.  With the coming election there will be attempts to change what is really important.  


a violence 

A Mental Health Problem 

A committed criminal.  Either way we have to get him off the streets.  First, do no harm by protecting the public from an uncivilized man.  Second, promote the importance of a father and family in raising children.  Data confirms this but religion has done a ‘good job’ of ignoring it.  C’mon man.  


a poison pen 

A Sword 

A weaponized written word.  Truth.  Be careful how you use it.  It will cause some discomfort for others.  Protect the feelings of others but not the child.  Not life.  Protect the planet but not the child.  Not life.  Protect the criminal but not the victim.  Not the child.  Not life.  


a desperate act 

A Search For A Crime 

A distraction?  What can you do?  Stop and listen.  Elections have consequences.  You can’t vote now but you can support your candidate now.  The one you trust.  You can’t trust anyone who doesn’t support life.  If you are looking for a crime, look for those who are stealing your freedom.