a work of satan 

A Silence 

A witness will speak out.  Like a lit candlestick in the darkness.  The lie can’t handle the truth.  The crusade to restore the Church starts with you.  What that looks like depends on you.  If you have an ear, listen to those who are already speaking out and watch what they do.  



a crusade 

A Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A Church to be repaired by the laity.  It’s not just another crisis.  It could be the beginning of the end.  Life is the Way to protect the Truth.  Start with Life.  Protect Life.  Protect the teachings of the Church.  Protect the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family are being replaced by social justice.  Only the laity stand in the way.  


a new crusade

A Candlestick and Olive Tree 

A Church and state.  We need “A New Crusade” not to take back Jerusalem but to take back Rome, the New Jerusalem.  Two witnesses.  Church and State.  Rome and America.  We have to fight for both.  Let’s take them back.  Fight for freedom.  Join us.  A Great American Forum. Tell them chrysostom sent you.  


a protection for atheists 

A Christian Community 

A place where atheists can be free.  You won’t find freedom in a Communist or Islamic state.  Muslims move to Christian countries to find it.  Only Christians protect freedom.  The others know what is best for you and will force it upon you.  Sometimes a crusade is necessary.  


a disorder 

A Crisis in the Church 

a crusade is necessary to defend His Church.  It is being attacked from within.  Our bishops have been corrupted by money and same sex attraction.  They can’t be trusted.  Their solution is mercy, forgiveness, prayer, and more money.  More Money.  Don’t leave.  Stay and fight.  Join the crusade.  Expose the corruption.