a few good men 

A Crisis In The Church 

A disorder is limiting the number of good men in the Church.  A lukewarm Church.  The teachings of the Church are not being changed.  They are just being ignored by weak men.  Afraid to upset anyone.  Afraid to speak the truth.  It is time to man up.  Defend the Church.  The family.  C’mon man.  


a little boy 

Man Up

A military man.  Defend us this day.  Clean up your act.  Start with your room.  Start with your head.  Show up.  You get 80% for just being there.  You may not know what to do or say.  Just being where you should be is a good start.  You are what you eat.  What you watch and listen to.  Choose well.  C’mon man.  


a search for meaning 

A Definition Of Truth 

A failure to communicate.  Just like Babel.  Can’t agree on truth.  What about life?  Life may be the way to truth.  Something we have in common.  We all have life and would like it respected.  Respect life.  Easier to define.  The opposite of death.  If we can’t get that right, we will have a hard time getting to the truth.  A place to start.  


a veteran 

A Defense Of Our Country 

A necessary ingredient.  If you are reading, thank a teacher.  If you are reading in English, thank a soldier.  There will always be threats to our freedom.  Communism and Islam will continue with their attempts to dominate the world.  Thank God for those who defend Liberty.  


the gun

A Defense 

against those you cannot trust.  Could the Jews trust the Nazis?  Can anyone trust the Communists?  Can you trust the Democrats to protect you?  They won’t protect the baby even after being born.  The baby needs your protection. Someone with a gun is protecting you.