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A Crisis in the Church 

A reason to pray.  Pray?  Heal thyself.  According to Canon 212 the laity has the “duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church”.  Don’t leave the Church.  Don’t just pray.  Stay and fight for what you believe to be right.  It is your duty.  

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a silence 

A Cover for Evil 

A failure to judge.  A misinterpretation of the bible that allows evil to perpetuate.  If you see something, say something.  You may not find that in your bible nevertheless it is your duty to report anything that is amiss.  Those who are in a position of authority will be held accountable for ignoring what has been reported.  You will be held responsible for what you didn’t report.  


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A Right 

only because you belong to a group.   Why does your group need a right?  We have the “Bill of Rights” but they apply to every citizen of the United States.  That is a big group that includes all genders, all religions, all races etc.  Now your subgroup must have a particular right.  Why?  That right may interfere with the right of another group.  Do two guys have a right to get married in a Catholic church?  What is the opposite of a right?  Responsibility according to Jordan Peterson.  A right is something you have coming to you.  A responsibility is something you owe.   A duty.  Who is talking about that besides Jordan Peterson?  That is a problem for many.  Why?