a father 

A Necessary Ingredient 

A family without a father is a social injustice but ignored by the mainstream media.  Marx is the father of communism that is designed to replace the family so they aren’t worried about the lack of a father in the home.  We need to be worried about communism in the world.  


a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A chastisement for ignoring the teachings of the Church.  The sanctity of life, marriage, and family are being replaced by concerns about climate change.  The child needs a father, a family, and a reason to defend the Church that protects the Truth.  The Truth about life, marriage, and family.  Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.  

Home  17

a teacher 

A Marxist Tool 

A child is our front line protecting our freedom.  It should be fathers, family, and faith protecting our freedom.  What happened to fathers?  Family?  Lack of faith.  The teachings of the Church on Life, Marriage, and Family are not being taught.  Francis is working with China which may improve our schools.