a beginning of the end 

A Democracy At Stake 

A count of all the ballots will take time.  In certain areas ballots keep coming in long after the deadline.  Mostly in areas controlled by Democrats.  Blame it on the Post Office.  They are still looking for Jessie’s trailer.  He really liked 10R1440.  The FBI found his family but not his trailer.  



a father 

A Good Man Is Hard To Find 

A job for the FBI.  They will need a Digital ID.  Families need fathers and they are missing.  The Church needs fathers and they are missing.  You don’t need a Digital ID to find a good man in the FBI.  Just look for the ones who are blowing a whistle.  C’mon man get a whistle.  


a vote for life 

A Republican Vote 

A party that supports abortion is not trustworthy.  Life is sacred.  If life is not your priority,  you will probably be on the wrong side of crime, racism, and climate change.  Social justice starts with life, marriage, and family.  Protect the child.  You can’t trust the schools, the village, the state, and the FBI.  


a distraction 

A Focus On Abortion 

A confusion with issues.  Don’t let crime, inflation, or even climate change change your view on what is important.  The FBI is not distracted and will continue to focus on the threat of pro life domestic terrorists.  With the coming election there will be attempts to change what is really important.  


a hidden agenda 

A Threat To Democracy 

A common belief.  We all agree that freedom can be lost with the next election but for different reasons.  What will they do if elected?  Forget what they say.  Look at what they have done.  Watch what they do.  Watch what the FBI is doing.  Who are they going after?  Now vote for them.  


a truth decay 

A Drilling Ban 

A pain when you chew on the lie.  We have plenty of Fentanyl for the pain and the FBI has plenty of energy to investigate pro life terrorists.  There is plenty left to do like voting for those responsible for all this.  They need your vote so they can continue doing what they are doing.  What a country.  


a time to vote 

A Chance To Make A Difference 

A cost of change.  Elections have consequences.  The bill is now due.  You have to pay the piper even if you have to borrow money to do it.  Print it if you can.  Either way you pay.  The cost of ending life is also going up but they will find a way to help you pay for it.  Even the FBI is on the case.  


a divided country 

A Lack Of Faith 

A reason to reflect on what is really important.  Life.  If you can’t get that right, you will have trouble with everything else including social justice which is being used to replace religion.  The opposite of faith is fear.  Fear of climate change, racism, and the FBI.  Vote for life.  Vote to protect the child.  C’mon man.