a return 

A Focus On The Past 

A history where prophecy is fulfilled.  Only a prophet can predict the future.  We can’t trust our interpretation of what is written.  Even the translators can’t agree except for numbers and colors.  We can trust numbers and colors and find a fit in history.  Only then can we confirm a prophecy fulfilled.  



a historical event 

A Prophecy Fulfilled 

A number to verify a fit.  Your interpretation cannot be trusted.  Only history can verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers along with history can verify your interpretation of prophecy.  Only prophets can predict the future.  If you need the future for your interpretation of prophecy, think again.  You are ignoring history and numbers.  

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a prophecy 

A Fulfillment 

A history is necessary to confirm the fulfillment of a prophecy.  The future can be anything you want it to be to satisfy your interpretation.  History and the numbers that connect it to prophecy can confirm the accuracy of your interpretation.  Only the prophet knows the future.  We can only know history.  

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a difference 

A Father Makes 

A necessary part of the family.  Protect the child.  Our posterity.  Our future.  Let the children come.  But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.  C’mon man.  


a clear voice 

A Real Solution 

A new battery for electric vehicles?  Not according to Musk.  Free speech and more children are critical for our future.  It takes courage to say this even if you have billions of dollars.  It also takes wisdom.  Either way few have both the Truth and the platform to lead the way.  God bless Elon Musk.  


a symbol 

A Lack Of Definition 

A license for interpretation.  Prophecy has been hijacked by changing the meaning of words and the future is the only place for it.  The Word of God is at the mercy of translators.  Even the numbers and colors that they agree on have been symbolized thus allowing many different interpretations.  


a prediction 

A Veiled Prophecy 

A revelation of what is to come.  Sealed by Daniel but not by John.  The future is not ours to know but history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  How?  With numbers and colors.  All the translators seem to agree on these words if not their meaning.  


a fear of the future 

A Lack Of Faith In The Past 

A successful move to replace religion with social justice.  Actually caring has replaced justice.  Just caring about climate change and racism seems to rule the day.  Being successful comes with a certain amount of guilt about those who aren’t.  The false charity pill is prescribed for that.  Fear is contagious.