a shared view 

A Worldpress

A way to all nations.  Respect for life is a worldview.  Gather in His name on the internet to promote life.  Eternal life is the good news.  Fear only the second death.  Jesus said to Let the children come.  It is the job of the laity, according to Vatican 2, to spread the Word.  Life, not climate change, should be our highest priority.  Respect Life.  



a good deal 

A Sale On Inspiration 

A special offer at EWTN.  Can you buy inspiration?  It’s not cheap.  If you can’t afford it, just try watching EWTN.  A writer must be inspired.  To find out what is going on you need to watch FOX but that can get depressing.  Take a break and watch something different.  Don’t give up.  Find those who may share your views.  It helps.  


a hijack 

A Look At The Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A door left open.  Who is minding the store?  They made a few changes.  The most significant change is still a secret.  The laity is in charge of the world.  Does that include the Church?  Yes. The laity “will open wider the doors of the Church”.  What happened to the narrow gate?  Let’s close the door and clean house.  We are in charge.  


a positive post 

A Light Shining In The Darkness 

A progress with racism and climate change.  You won’t see FOX  reporting this but the Biden administration has significantly addressed their top priorities.  There has been a reduction in white supremacy and temperatures across the nation have been reduced.  All the other issues are attempts to distract you from the good news.  


a new year 

A Time To Start A New Life 

A clean room.  Clean your room.  You have control over your room.  That’s about it.  You also have control over how you treat the next person you come in contact with.  Start there.  You also have control over what you watch, listen to, and read.  Watch what goes into your mouth but more importantly what comes out of it.  


a time out 

A Break From Politics 

A chance to forget build back better.  Time for football.  College football’s biggest day.  The best are playing the best today.  The playoffs start today.  This is good news.  We will be watching a team sport where everyone has to work together to win.