a history 

A Witness – 

A Church History that includes six of the seven churches that John wrote to but Eusebius never associates them with the Apocalypse.  Victorinus doesn’t even mention them.  Is it possible there is a version of the Apocalypse that doesn’t include the seven churches?  It could be a reasonable explanation for what we are looking at.   

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a red horse 

A Red Sea – 

A great sword to take peace from the earth.  The rider is Mohammed the father of Islam which is the fourth beast of Daniel and the second beast of the Apocalypse.  It took them 44 years to get to Constantinople where they were stopped.  It took them 110 years to get to Tours, France where they were stopped.  The history of Islam is all the evidence you need to show that Islam is not a religion of peace.  

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a prophecy problem 

A Prophet Alone Knows The Future – 

A fulfillment of prophecy can only be found in history by those who are not a prophet. The future can be anything you want it to be but not history. You can try to rewrite it but other honest historians will ultimately get their way. History is all we have and we should have enough of it for things which must shortly come to pass. History also has numbers and colors just like prophecy. We just need to connect them. 


a purpose of prophecy 

A Verification Of The Bible – 

A prophecy fulfilled in history gives us reason to believe what we find in the bible is truth. It also helps us interpret the bible but we must be limited to that which has already happened. Who can know the future? Not even the prophet who is directed to predict it. Somehow the prophet can assure us that all will end well providing us with a necessary comfort. Understanding it is not necessary. Readers will be blessed. 


a prince 

A Translation Problem – 

A commander or another interpretation problem if you are looking for the king of the north. There are eight different words in 52 different translations: princes 24, commanders 10, officers 7, officials 5, generals 2, leaders 2, principalities 1, subordinates 1. The word prince suggests a family member unlike the other seven words which have a similar meaning. Makes you wonder about words used in other parts of the bible. These are major differences in words used before you get to the problem of interpreting them. Reader beware.  

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a color 

A Number – 

A connection between history and prophecy that can be trusted.  Your interpretation?  Not so much.  Your translation?  Not so much except for numbers and colors.  Somehow they have survived what translators do to the Word of God.  Some things are sacred.  There are 60 different English translations to choose from.  Which one do you trust?   

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