a prophecy 

A Fulfillment 

A historical event.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of a prophecy.  Based on your interpretation.  Can it be trusted?  Can your bible translation be trusted?   Can 60 different English translations of the bible be trusted?  They don’t agree on the “word of God”.  Do they agree on anything?  Maybe numbers.  

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a number 

A Color 

A guide to interpretation.  You can trust numbers and maybe colors to be reliably translated.  Not so much with the other words.  The “words of God” are seen differently by the many different translators.  Who can you trust?  Historians.  What can you trust?  Maybe numbers.  Historians have trouble with dates but they do get close enough.  

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a missing word 

A Kingdom of God 

A reference to the millennium.  The word “kingdom” cannot be found in Chapter 20 .  It is not the “reign of Christ”.  They “reigned with Christ”.  A thousand years has a beginning and an end.  The Kingdom of God will not end.  Way too many think the thousand years will begin with the Second Coming.  They need to check history.   

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a prophecy 

A History 

A fulfillment of a prophecy.  Only history can verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers can verify the interpretation of prophecy.  The translators and interpreters of the bible can’t seem to agree on most of the words but somehow they agree on the numbers.  The word of God may vary but not His numbers.  Follow the numbers.   

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a historian 

A History of the Church 

A dog that didn’t bark.  Eusebius never associates the churches with the Apocalypse.  He does mention six of the seven churches but does not connect them with the Apocalypse.  Since Victorinus has the same problem, it suggests that there may have been a version of the Apocalypse that didn’t have the seven churches.   

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a reason to believe 

A Reasonable Explanation 

A history of the Apocalypse.  John Chrysostom was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing the Vulgate.  It would become the official bible of the Church.  It would confirm once and for all that the Apocalypse belonged in the bible.  Before that the jury was out.  Chrysostom was just one of those who didn’t accept the Apocalypse.  What could be the reason?  

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