a blessing 

A Prophecy 

A chance to be blessed.  Seven chances to be blessed in the Apocalypse.  This book can change your life.  These are difficult times.  Understanding this book is difficult.  It has been hijacked by many to promote their agenda.  Don’t give up.  Blessed are those who overcometh, readeth, watcheth, and keepeth.  There is hope.   

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a fear that kills faith 

A Faith That Gives Hope 

A freedom to believe and speak.  Be not afraid.  Prophecy revealed in history is more comforting than what might be promised for the future.  It’s there.  You just have to look for it with numbers and colors which can confirm the connection between prophecy and its fulfillment in history.  You have to believe.  


a want comes first 

A Hope for the Truth 

A necessary ingredient.  If you don’t want it, you won’t find it.  Seek and you will find.  It is all on the internet along with the lies.  How do you tell the difference?  You will find what you want.  Why would you want the truth?  It will not only set you free, it will make you happy.  Don’t fear the truth.  Hope for the truth.