a reasonable interpretation 

A History Connected With Numbers 

A reliable confirmation of prophecy fulfilled by history connected with numbers.  There are too many bible translations with little to agree on.  Somehow they do agree on numbers and colors.  Use them to find historical events that confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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a private revelation 

A New Interpretation 

A reasonable interpretation based on history and numbers.  Real numbers that connect prophecy with history.  So why do you need to know this?  You need to know the Church Jesus built upon this rock.  You need to know the rules.  What’s okay and what’s not okay.  We don’t make the rules.  They are made for us.  

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a history 

A Fulfillment of Prophecy 

A connection with numbers that can be trusted.  Your interpretation, not so much.  Translators can’t be trusted but somehow they get the numbers right.  If you have an ear, listen to what numbers and history can tell you.  It is the only way the fulfillment of prophecy can be confirmed.  Anything else is just someone’s interpretation.  

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a great city 

A Mystery

A misinterpretation.  Even Peter knew he was in Babylon.  Some are still looking for his bones south of Baghdad.  That is the real mystery but Rome having seven hills was never a mystery.  The seven hills of Constantinople is still a mystery and likely to remain so.  It will never fit with their narrative.  

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a reliable connection 

A Prophecy Fulfilled In History 

A number to connect them.  Numbers have survived translation errors and agenda driven interpretations.  Numbers can be reliably used to identify historical events that seem to fulfill prophecies.  Look for all the key numbers like a thousand, 666, ten, and seven.  See if they fit.  See if they make sense.  

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a number 

A Reliable Connection 

A translation problem, with so many different bibles, is further aggravated by interpretation issues that force most prophecies into the future.  Numbers  are the only way to reliably connect historical events to what has been prophesied.  Start with a big number like a thousand years.  There is only one where they reigned with Christ.  The Byzantine Empire.  

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a revelation 

A Fulfillment Of Prophecy In History 

A number to connect them.  A reliable way to find historical events that seem to fulfill what has been prophesied.  There are way too many different interpretations of too many different translations of the bible to confirm any fulfillment of prophecy.  Numbers may be the only way to connect history with prophecy.  

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