a beginning of the end 

A Democracy At Stake 

A count of all the ballots will take time.  In certain areas ballots keep coming in long after the deadline.  Mostly in areas controlled by Democrats.  Blame it on the Post Office.  They are still looking for Jessie’s trailer.  He really liked 10R1440.  The FBI found his family but not his trailer.  



a time to count 

A Bulk Of Harvested Ballots 

A delayed result.  A challenge.  They will need more time to count all the votes.  We have seen this movie.  We are looking at the future of all elections.  Way too many ballots to count.  Ballots that show up in the middle of the night.  Unsecured ballots that must be counted again and again.  


a debunked claim 

A False Statement 

A claim of vote fraud that “just cannot happen”.  No need to investigate it because it “just cannot happen”.  Fox News’ Eric Shawn Pulls Apart Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims for 2nd Time in Four Days  “But citing election officials, Shawn said that claims completed ballots had been driven across state lines and had disappeared ‘just cannot happen.’ ”  Jesse thought it could happen.