a revelation 

A Testimony of Jesus Christ – 

“bare record”.  It was John the Baptist “who bare record”.  It was John the Apostle who wrote “to the seven churches”.  It was John Chrysostom, “who also am your brother”, who was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing his Vulgate and needed a reliable copy of the Apocalypse.  Three Johns.  Really.  

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a prophecy 

A Revelation – 

A purpose was to prepare the way for the first coming.  John the Baptist was to introduce the Lamb of God to the world.  The word “lamb” can be found 27 times in the Apocalypse.  “Jesus” only 12 times.  The word “Jesus” could have been added later by John the Apostle who knows John the Baptist knows the Lamb of God.   

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a beast 

A Temple – 

A desolation.  Babylon destroyed the first temple.  Greece desecrated the second.  Rome destroyed the second.  Islam is preventing the third.  The four beasts of Daniel.  They all messed with the temple.  That is what determines a beast in the mind of Daniel.  John seems to agree.  Jesus mentioned it.  What is in the holy place now?  The Dome of the Rock.  

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