a person of intellect 

A Catholic Convert 

a reason for this.  John Henry Newman and G.K. Chesterton lead the list of intellectuals who have converted to the Catholic Church.  There are many more.  The reason is reason.  The true intellectual must have beliefs that are reasonable.  Rigorous thinking along with reason and logic make the Church attractive to intellectuals. Thanks to Thomas Aquinas today’s existentialism has not completely replaced objective Truth.  It is being preserved by the Church.  



a supreme court 

A Lot of Catholics 

a reason for this.  Why are there so many Catholics on the Supreme Court?  We can only speculate.  Try Catholic education.  Try rigorous thinking.  It is not just an attempt to get someone opposed to abortion.  We know that doesn’t work.  It wasn’t just diagramming sentences.  It was a sense of purpose, the use of reason, and an understanding of logic.  These words have meaning and the Church is preserving that meaning. 


a time for Amy 

A Catholic Judge 

a dogma worth saving.  Life, marriage, and family.  A goal worth fighting for.  It is not too late for reason and logic to rule the day.  The state, the swamp will fight for this hill.  They are willing to die on this hill.  Are we?  Freedom is on this hill.  Freedom of speech.  Religious freedom.  Fight for Truth.  It will set you free.  It will make you happy.  


a woman’s right to religion 

A Catholic Judge on Trial 

a swamp being drained.  It won’t be pretty.  What did you expect?  Can Amy take the heat?  The sky is falling and it is not due to climate change.  Something worse.  A Catholic judge who respects the dignity of life, marriage, and family.  Let others know that you have her back.  It’s time to back Amy.  


a test for religion 

A Catholic to be Judged 

a woman with dogma.  Is there freedom of religion?  Does the Dogma live loudly within her?  A question for a court nominee.  Let’s put the Church on trial.  Is the sanctity of life, marriage, and family a threat to democracy?  It’s not just abortion.  The LGBT crowd will not allow the Church to interfere with their agenda.  It will be ugly like you have never seen.  


a seat on the supreme court 

A Big Deal 

a telling issue.  What could be so important?  The killing of babies?  They call it a choice.  Freedom to choose.  Freedom to kill your baby.  Reproductive rights.  How can you vote for those who support abortion?  What is your bishop saying?  Is he talking about climate change? Pay attention.