a bad news biden 

A Lack Of Discernment 

A first principle.  Life.  What do you expect from someone who supports the killing of babies?  A concern for climate change?  What do you expect from our bishops?  A defense of Life.  So what worries the voter?  The cost of living.  Let them eat cake.  Don’t forget your shots.  You should be worried about dying.  



a fake religion

A False Charity 

A proof that you care.  Who wants to be accused of killing babies?  Talk about climate change and racism.  That will prove you really care.  You can control the conversation.  Truth is all you have to worry about.  The truth must be cancelled.  The lie can’t handle it.  


a question of priorities 

A Woman’s Choice 

A feminist knows what is important.  It is not killing babies up to and including the day they are born.  Not killing gramma.  Both are acceptable.  What is not?  Sexual harassment.  That is going too far.  They will want to get rid of you for that.  Who would have thunk it?  A bridge too far.  It is time for a reality check ladies.  


a strange silence 

A Support of Abortion 

A killing of babies cannot be ignored.  Talking about climate change, when babies are being killed, by a bishop, cardinal or pope sends the wrong message.  Abortion is a preeminent issue.  It cannot be equated with any issue.  Life comes first.  There is no second.  Silence is not an option. We must speak out.  


a clear choice 

A Vote for Life 

a vote for religious freedom.  Life, marriage, and family are on the ballot.  A baby killer is also there.  The party of death is also there.  The Democratic Party.  Believe what they say.  They support baby killing.  You support baby killing if you vote for them.  Vote for life, marriage, and family.  You have no choice.  


climate change 

A Perfect Deception 

to help elect Femocrats.  They don’t want this election to be about abortion which is their top priority.  Killing babies is not something that is easy to talk about.  The prospects of Trump replacing Ginsburg on the court is just too much to handle.  Who wants to go through what happened to Kavanaugh?  It is still going on!