a place to start 

A Respect For Life 

A common value for building back better.  This may be the only way to achieve unity.  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness starts with LIFE.  If you can’t get the first part right, you will have a problem with everything that comes after it.  Life starts with a man who becomes a father.  C’mon man.  



a fear of death 

A Test Of Faith 

A reason to believe.  Liberty or death.  That is the question.  Life without liberty is not a good deal but comfort is all important except for those who believe there is something better waiting for them.  We are being tested.  The opium of the masses is promising but many have found an idol and will give up their freedom for it.  


a managed information 

A Controlled Communication 

A manipulation of the masses with fear.  A mandate for those who don’t comply.  It works in communist countries.  Fear and restricting speech also work in Islamic countries.  Lucky for us it does not work here.  Right?  It does not work here.  We will fight for liberty.  Right?  


a veteran 

A Defense Of Our Country 

A necessary ingredient.  If you are reading, thank a teacher.  If you are reading in English, thank a soldier.  There will always be threats to our freedom.  Communism and Islam will continue with their attempts to dominate the world.  Thank God for those who defend Liberty.  


a day to remember 

A Life Given For Our Liberty 

A defense of our freedom.  Many lives have been lost defending our way of life.  Liberty is not free.  We must fight to protect our liberty.  For whatever reason there are those doing what they can to restrict our freedom.  We must be willing to do whatever is necessary to protect it.  So many have given up their life so we might be free.  We remember them today.  


a search for the truth 

A Clue 

A way to recognize it.  It might protect the child.  It might set you free as in freedom.  It will allow you to exercise your religious beliefs and to express your political views.  It won’t restrict you unless you must have approval for what you are doing.  Good luck in your pursuit of truth and happiness.