a common agenda 

A Control Of Subjective Truth 

A censorship.  They care.  That is what unites them.  Most are living the good life but are experiencing some sort of guilt for those who are not.  Traditional religion is chasing them by ignoring old standards whereas progressivism is leading them, challenging them, with concerns about social injustice and climate change.  Don’t you care?  


a lie protected 

A Censorship Of The Truth 

A lie needs help.  It can’t handle the truth.  It must be repeated.  The morning memo tells you what to say.  The words to use.  It is well organized.  It is a beast.  Not a person.  Daniel knows beasts and John knows Daniel.  The “ten horns” connects them.  Just one piece of the puzzle but an important one.  


a submission 

A Common Feature With Islam And Communism 

A war against freedom.  Religious faith is replaced with fear of social injustice.  Climate change and racism is the real enemy.  Who can deny that without risking the wrath of those who lie without consequence?  Truth, reason, and logic are all casualties.  Be not afraid.  The truth will set you free.  


a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A hidden pale sea.  Death not so much.  Is it climate change?  If so, fewer people is the only solution.  Death, not life, must be promoted to save what God created for man.  We are all going to die but not to save what has been created for us.  We are more important than this.  Reject the lie.  


a common sense cancelled 

A Replacement With Nonsense 

A making sense is now uncommon.  Replaced by the lie.  Climate change is the lie de jour followed closely by racism.  Common sense is no longer common.  It is now uncommon.  The lies are not being challenged.  Those who dare to tell the truth are being attacked.  Courage is now a necessary ingredient.  


a tower of babel 

A Time Of Confusion 

A way to heaven.  The first attempt at a one world government is frustrated due to an inability to  communicate.  Building a tower to heaven was the lie at that time.  Today, solving the climate change crisis is the lie.  Life is the Truth and the Way.  The lie will always create confusion.  


a trick or treat 

A Progressive Bill For Climate Change 

A payment due now.  You have to trust them.  They know fear.  They know what needs to be done now.  Only they know the consequences if the bill isn’t passed.  There are no second chances.  They have to meet this deadline or the next one for sure.  Why would they lie about something like this?   


a political divide 

A Bad News Biden 

A willing fake news media ignoring bald-faced lies.  We are being warned about climate change and racism so we will ignore raising taxes, raising the debt, and the rising cost of living.  It will have to get worse before the electorate can ignore the media ignoring the bad news Biden.  Prepare for the worst.  It will come.