a thousand years 

A Light Shines No More At All – 

candlestick and olive tree connects the Apocalypse with Zechariah which leads to Zerubbabel who is always connected with Joshua and together they started the second temple.  Joshua, a high priest, and Zerubbabel, a governor, suggests the Church and the State working together are the two witnesses.  Like the Byzantine empire and the Holy Roman empire.  



a good fight 

A Race To Finish 

A faith to keep.  Fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith.  Don’t give up.  This is the Way to fight for Truth and Life.  Be a Light that shines in the darkness.  We are being tested.  Are you willing to die for your beliefs?  Good question.  You will die either way but you can survive the second death.  That’s the Truth.  


a reason to believe 

A Light Shines In The Darkness 

A free speech leads to freedom.  Reason and logic reveal the truth.  Does it make sense?  A test for the truth.  Who can you believe?  Those who respect life.  The only test you need.  Life is good.  A truth.  Start there.  The truth will set you free.