a university 

A Safe Place For Those Who Cannot Argue 

A place for formation of posterity where social justice replaces religion and critical thinking.  Changing a religious university into a secular one only takes time.  “People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.”  A good argument requires reason, logic, and common sense.  Think about that.  Thinking is critical.  



a reason to believe 

A Light Shines In The Darkness 

A free speech leads to freedom.  Reason and logic reveal the truth.  Does it make sense?  A test for the truth.  Who can you believe?  Those who respect life.  The only test you need.  Life is good.  A truth.  Start there.  The truth will set you free.  


a brother 

A Third John 

A place called Patmos.  This is all we know.  Everything else is speculation or interpretation.  Is yours better than the others?  Is your bible better than the others?  Do they have anything in common?  Numbers.  Somehow they get the numbers right.  We also have logic and reason to make sense of them.  


a supreme court 

A Lot of Catholics 

a reason for this.  Why are there so many Catholics on the Supreme Court?  We can only speculate.  Try Catholic education.  Try rigorous thinking.  It is not just an attempt to get someone opposed to abortion.  We know that doesn’t work.  It wasn’t just diagramming sentences.  It was a sense of purpose, the use of reason, and an understanding of logic.  These words have meaning and the Church is preserving that meaning.